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Renovating Your House Before You Sell

Are you going to be selling your house soon but your house needs some updates or repairs? Here are some things to think about before you start renovating your house before you sell.

With all the HGTV and DIY shows becoming more popular, many people assume they can remodel their own homes with a little help from Youtube of course. If you have never remodeled a house or room before let me start by saying it takes a TON of planning prior to starting a remodel. If this planning is not done you can count on changes occurring and cost overruns happening during the remodel.

Home Remodeling Steps

Step 1: Plan, Plan and Plan some more. I would recommend using a remodel program, designer or both if you have major changes to make on your home. This is the most critical step in the process. Measurements need to be accurate, joists need to be analyzed if moving walls, electrical and plumbing need to be considered. All of these items are layered throughout the home building process and usually follow a common progression. Electrical can not be done after drywall is hung for example. One of the most common issues we see is a plumbing vent pipe running up a wall that was not accounted for. Obviously you want to take it down but didn’t plan for that. So again its vital to plan for everything possible. There will still be things that come up during the process.

Other common mistake is when homeowners do not research the latest trends and materials being used in their area. This is a biggie as well as it can drastically hurt the overall sale price of a home. If people in the neighborhood are adding granite counter tops to the kitchen and cararra marble in the bathrooms, you need to keep your similar. But if you put in a (diy) tile kitchen counter top and cheap ceramic bath tiles, you will not be able to sell at the maximum sale price. On the other hand, if you put granite and marble in and everyone else is putting in ceramic and cheap counter tops, you over-remodeled and will not get a return on the money spent. Its critical to remodel according to what the neighborhood is CURRENTLY experiencing.

Step 2

Once you have the planning done either go over the plan with your contractor or if doing the work yourself clear the area to be remodeled. Its important to do this before all the materials are purchased because you may find something that triggers a change to your design plan. Example if you are gutting a kitchen, remove all the cabinets and appliances to see what you are working with. You may uncover something else that needs attention like a vent pipe or duct work you were not expecting.

Step 3

Once you have the area cleared and all surprises are accounted for, move forward. Execute your construction plan according to the layered theory described above. If you do not know how to layer the different construction trades yourself you should be using a contractor.

Step 4

You will almost always run into unforeseen issues with remodel projects. So my advice is to plan your budget and timeline for some of these and make the best decisions for the long term. I always add 10 – 15% contingency into my budgets for unforeseen issues that will come up.

Step 5

If you abide by these nuggets, you may actually survive a big remodel and be ready to enjoy what you build. We recently completed a major bath renovation using the steps for renovating your house before you sell above and the project was very smooth.


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