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3 Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Tips

Are you ready to start your bathroom remodel project? If so, use these 3 bathroom remodel tips to ensure your project goes smoothly along with examples of a recent remodel we did.

A bathroom remodel can be a tough task especially if you have a unique space but with a good design plan and action plan it can turn into a dream bathroom. The bathroom remodel tips below are the most critical to your success.

Master Bath Before Pics

Bathroom Design

Here we go. Start a Pintrest page or Houzz page to gather ideas for your project. Search different types of design along with the room you are interested in like: industrial master bath. 

Once you have a good collection of design ideas begin putting your room together either on paper or in a design program. Some people use a poster board to add inspirational pictures and design elements to get a good idea what the overall feel of the design will be. If you prefer a computer based design program I would recommend Home Designer Suite by Chief Architect. I use this program for the layout and basic design of rooms. This program is easy to learn and will show you if your measurements will actually fit in your space. The only negative is some materials you may want are not available like a certain pattern tile or granite counter top. You may have to download different material lists to get what you want.

Below is a bathroom design I did on Home Designer Suite….

Bathroom Layout – Owens Project

On this project we gutted the master bath, relocated the shower and added a bath tub. With these big changes to a bathroom there is major plumbing, HVAC and electrical work that needs to be considered to be successful. Don’t forget to consider how those items run either through the attic or below the house. On this project, we ran new electrical, plumbing, HVAC and a vent through the attic. We also added a new sewer drain under the slab (which was broken out and rerouted). These items are critical and expensive so spend extra time laying these items out and consulting with your contractor.

Key Tip #1 – Consider Mechanical Systems

Don’t forget to consider the effects of plumbing, electrical and HVAC in the attic or under the house. After you have your design figured out its time to order materials. If you are ordering special order items like cabinets or shower faucets those items usually need to be on order before a contractor will start working. Contractors don’t want to be held up because materials are not on site. In fact, my contractor will not start a project without all the major items either on site or at least on order. 

When you start the construction process the first step is demo. This is clearly the most fun step in any remodel project so ENJOY IT. After you demo the area check your layout and measurements again to ensure all your cabinets, fixtures and ideas will still work in the space.  Sometimes its easier to envision your new bathroom once the old is out. This step could be the difference in completing your project on time and close to budget or completely blowing it up.

Owens Bath Remodel begins.

The guys are removing a wall between the bathroom and closet.

We found plumbing that was never utilized when the wall between the bathroom and closet was opened up. We were able to use this for the new bathtub and save some money on plumbing.

Key Tip #2 – Double Check Measurements and Design

Check your measurements against your initial plan after the demo work is done. Double check your design. You may have uncovered something you did not expect and need to address this now before the new work is going on.

During your remodel their will be times where you need to change something or modify something from your original design. This happens and you just need to be prepared for it. The best advice here if you are using a GC or sub contractors is to meet with them EVERY MORNING before they start working. I can not stress how important this is in a major remodel. A major remodel has many layers like an onion. You can’t peel the 3rd layer before the first layer is dealt with. For example if you are moving your shower to a new location you must be 100% sure of the new location. If concrete board and tile go up and the shower fixture location is wrong then you have many layers to peel off to fix it.

During my Owens Bath remodel the shower wall tile was a 3″ x 6″ white subway tile and the shower floor tile a carrarra marble hexagon. We thought we wanted the shower niche to match the floor tile so that was the plan. I saw the carrarra marble tile in the shower niche, hated it and had it changed to match the white subway tile walls. Thankfully I caught this before the tile was grouted and sealed eliminating more work. It did cost a little to have the tile replaced but not much.

Here are pics of my shower niche example:

Key Tip #3 – Meet Daily with Your Contractor

If you are using a contractor for your remodel job, meet with them every morning before they start working. I review the previous day’s work, what is scheduled for that day, and any issues to be addressed today. 

If you are planning to hire a contractor and need to learn how to find a good contractor click here. If you are doing the work yourself make sure you understand the “layers” of your remodel project. Take your time and double check your steps to avoid possible mistakes.

Hopefully these bathroom remodel tips are helpful and please send us some feedback on your projects.

Good Luck.


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