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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel in Dallas Cost?

If you have not remodeled a kitchen recently, chances are you have no idea how much a kitchen remodel in Dallas cost these days. Obviously there are a lot of variables associated with how much a remodel costs. This guide will give you some guidelines to consider whether you are remodeling to sell a home or to enjoy.

Before we get into specifics about remodeling kitchens, let me give a little history lesson in DFW. The cost of labor has risen dramatically the past 10 years. The number of illegal laborers in the U.S. has fallen by 2 million since 2007 according to a Pew Research Center report. This decline has created a shortage of skilled labor for our industry.

In addition fewer teenagers going into the construction trades than ever before. These two factors have affected smaller companies ability to keep good laborers. Regardless of moral stance on hiring illegals, the construction industry has been disrupted by these changes.

Costs of a Kitchen Remodel in Dallas

Do you know how much a kitchen really costs? Many home sellers who are looking to sell a house as-is are clueless as to how much a kitchen remodel costs. Granted their is a wide range of possibilities. I want to show you the starting point so you understand where to start.

Our remodel criteria are:

  • Replace cabinets with basic plywood cabinets
  • Change counter tops with granite or quartz
  • Replace sink, dish washer, range and garbage disposal with low end appliance
  • Add basic white 6′ x 4″ tile back splash
  • Add new tile flooring

For a standard 10′ x 10′ kitchen with the criteria above your remodel estimate is going to be $8,000 – $12,000. Here is the breakdown:

Kitchen Tile Estimate

Tile Example: Concrete Grey Ceramic Tile (Floor and Decor):

Floor: 100 SF @ 1.29/ft = $129

Backsplash: 458 SF @ .15 per piece (2.5 pieces for sf) = $172

Mortar: 2 bags of 50lb @ $17 ea, spacers – $4, sponge – $3, grout – $16 = $57

Total Tile Cost – $358

Tile Installation Labor: $2.50/SF = $1,395

Kitchen Cabinets Estimate

The estimate is based on the plywood box White Hampton Bay Cambridge White cabinets available at Home Depot. These cabinets are a step up from the cheapest cabinets made from particle board boxes. From here there are several steps up in pricing depending on design, color and special features. See layout below:

Basic Kitchen Layout
  • 24″ Base Cabinet – $200
  • 36″ Sink Base – $208
  • 36″ Blind Corner Base – $214
  • 2 x 12″ Base – $154 ea
  • 3 x 24″ Wall Cabinets – $127 ea
  • 12″ Wall cabinet – $94
  • 36″ Blind Wall Cabinet – $176
  • 30″ Over Range Wall cabinet – $128
  • 36′ Over Fridge Wall Cabinet – $142
  • Fillers, Toe Kick, Panel Skins – $200

Total for Cabinets: $2,051

Cabinet Knobs – $2 / knob = $38 (install: $200) = $238

Kitchen Counter Top

Counter tops come in slabs with a couple different sizes as well as some prefabricated slabs for smaller jobs. To get a uniform finish and precise cuts, a larger slab is required so all the counter tops are cut from the same piece of stone.

For this kitchen layout one large 3cm slab will work and generally those are $1,500 installed for the basic granite or quartz colors.

Kitchen Appliances

Dishwasher – $450 (cheapest available)

Electric Range – $450 (base level model)

Disposal – $95

Sink – $200 including faucet

Appliance Install – $750 which includes the piping to connect the sink drain to the disposal, dishwasher to the disposal then to the sewer line.


If the majority of the kitchen is filled with cabinets there may only be one wall and a ceiling that needs to be painted. If everything else in the kitchen is new, you need to paint the walls so it looks finished.

Paint – $600 with materials

Total Cost: $8,087

At this point our total cost includes the majority of items needed to remodel a kitchen but does not include lighting, a fridge or potential unforeseen issues. We NEVER run into unforeseen issues when remodeling kitchens…lol.

I always build in at least a 10% contingency into my remodel budgets to catch unforeseen issues. As you can see, the starting price for many kitchen remodels is probably higher than you thought. Many jobs can be significantly higher than our basic estimate. Home Adviser reports the average cost for a kitchen remodel is $24,017 or $150/sf.

What Drives the Kitchen Remodel Price Up?

Islands / Peninsulas: because one slab of counter top material will usually not cover the island so you are adding another slab – $2500 +

Moving Plumbing or Electrical: obvious because you need a licensed trade to do this work (most of the time) – $250 minimum and usually over a grand

Adding a custom Vent Hood – $500 starting price

How to Save Money When Remodeling a Kitchen

Painting cabinets will save you up to half as much as new cabinets cost. If the cabinets are good quality, consider painting the the cabinets for a fresh look. If the doors are outdated, you can replace them but you will still need to do something with the cabinet frames.

Scratch n dent appliances can save you some dough. I usually stroll by a Sears Outlet to see if something works and only has a scratch or dent on the side which will be covered up.

Wrapping up – A Kitchen Remodel in Dallas

Many people we talk to who have never actually completed a kitchen remodel in Dallas think they can find someone to do it for under $6,000. This may be true, but in reality there are so many things that are easy to forget when you are doing a kitchen remodel. I challenge everyone who is thinking about remodeling a kitchen to send me their remodel budget and let me critique it for accuracy. You will be Frightfully Surprised!

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