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About Me

I am a husband, father and real estate investor in the DFW area. I have been investing in real estate for 15 years and primarily buy houses to renovate and sell for a profit. We do run across properties we like as rentals and some of those as well.

I started investing in rental properties in my 20s and have dabbled for a long time. Recently I decided to step up my efforts to make real estate investing my one thing. I started a company We Buy Houses Fast in Dallas to make this dream a reality. Along the way I got married to my wonderful wife Denise and now have 2 daughters.

My wife has uncovered a hidden talent she had locked away along the way. I asked her to design the finish out for one of our flips a couple years ago, well because I am a guy and suck at color. She stunted everyone with her design of Bolivar including herself. She is now designed all of our renovation projects and learning the construction side as well.

So together we are providing DFW with fresh renovated homes for affordable prices. The custom touches we use are very different than anything in our market so homeowners can be proud of their unique home.